Next tuesday is a Chinese holiday. The name is Mid-Autumn Festival. 

We will have four successive holidays. 
                                       days off.

My English teacher Steve have already planed to go to 萬安 with his family and friends.

I think that is very wonderful.,

B because I also want to go outside when I have holidays.

I envy foreigners because they have good life different from taiwanese. 
                                                               lives are different from Taiwanese.

My friend told me that is because the foreigners can't save momey.

They always spend their money to enjoy their life.

I think that is best way to live your life.

This is not a bad thing.

Sometimes I really really want to go abroad, but I don't have enough money.

Taiwanese people always have very much responsibility by ourself. 

So we can't do everythine whick  you want to do.
                                       which we

Many foreigners have been to many countries, and they don't need worried about being money less.
                                                                                                  to worry 

In the future, I must make my dream come ture, I want to be go to travel around the world.

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